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Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM) to Annex VII Non-Commercial Air Operations with Other-Than Complex Motor-Powered Aircraft [PART-NCO]

of Commission Regulation (EU) 965/2012 on air operations


Consolidated version including Issue 2, Amendment 51
March 20172



1 For the date of entry into force of this amendment, refer to ED Decision 2016/022/R in the Official Publication of EASA.
2 Date of publication of the consolidated version.




AMC1 NCO.GEN.105 Pilot-in-command responsibilities and authority


(a) The pilot-in-command should ensure that RNAV 1, RNAV 2, RNP 1, RNP 2, and RNP APCH routes or procedures to be used for the intended flight, including for any alternate aerodromes, are selectable from the navigation database and are not prohibited by NOTAM.

(b) The pilot-in-command should take account of any NOTAMs or pilot-in-command briefing material that could adversely affect the aircraft system operation along its flight plan including any alternate aerodromes.

(c) When PBN relies on GNSS systems for which RAIM is required for integrity, its availability should be verified during the preflight planning. In the event of a predicted continuous loss of fault detection of more than five minutes, the flight planning should be revised to reflect the lack of full PBN capability for that period.

(d) For RNP 4 operations with only GNSS sensors, a fault detection and exclusion (FDE) check should be performed. The maximum allowable time for which FDE capability is projected to be unavailable on any one event is 25 minutes. If predictions indicate that the maximum allowable FDE outage will be exceeded, the operation should be rescheduled to a time when FDE is available.

(e) For RNAV 10 operations, the pilot-in-command should take account of the RNAV 10 time limit declared for the inertial system, if applicable, considering also the effect of weather conditions that could affect flight duration in RNAV 10 airspace. Where an extension to the time limit is permitted, the pilot-in-command will need to ensure that en route radio facilities are serviceable before departure, and to apply radio updates in accordance with any AFM/POH limitation.

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